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Mariana García

Holistic support before, during and after death.


Who is Mariana García?

I have been a trained psychologist since 2007 and ha­­ve experience in clinical psychology, research, teaching, and psychosocial projects. In 2012 I completed a Masters in community psychology and started working with vulnerable communities. However, since my dad’s death in 2015, I have dedicated myself to deepening my knowledge about death and dying, while donating my time and skills to different charities and hospices where I have worked with the ill, the elderly and the bereaved. In fact, it was while facilitating a bereavement group that I heard about the end of life doula role; and that allowed me to find the missing piece of my puzzle. So, I decided start studying to become a certified end of life doula, care consultant and elder care doula in the USA; and then continued my end of life doula studies and certification in the UK.

Working to befriend death and helping others to live a more fulfilling life until the end has become my vocation, but, in addition to that, I also enjoy reading, spending time in nature, supporting different charities, learning about different cultures and relishing life with my loved ones.

Currently, I live in Chesterfield (UK); and I am part of End of Life Doula UK, Living Well Dyning Well Training, Doulagivers USA and the Colombian College of Psychologists.



End of Life Support

Companionship and holistic care at the end of life are essential; and I am honoured to be able to provide them before, during and after death. Although my main priority will always be the person nearing death, I will also be there for their loved ones, offering practical, emotional, social and spiritual help to everyone involved if they wish.

All my services are available in English or Spanish; and most of them can be offered face-to-face or virtually.

All services are individualised according to each person/family and their respective needs, wishes, culture, beliefs, etc.

Advance Planning

It is never too early to think about your future, about those things that could happen and how you would like them to be addressed. Advance planning is an empowering process that will allow you to take control of your life while making clear documents about what you want or do not want for end of life. I can assist you in this process to cover all the aspects that are important to you; so that the final result is in accordance with your values, beliefs, wishes and needs.


Eldercare Assistance

As a certified Elder Care Doula, I can also provide specialised support to any seniors who need or want company and help in carrying out certain activities. This service aims to improve or maintain the person's quality of life and autonomy during ageing. 

Bereavement Support

Grieving is an important part of losing someone or something. It is felt and expressed in many ways and is experienced not only after the loss but also before it (anticipatory grief). Going through grief is an incredibly personal process, but I can support you in this and help you understand your emotions and actions while we develop strategies that allow you to live as fully as possible.


Community Activities

Death is the only certainty in life. However, since this natural process began to be institutionalised and feared, both communities and individuals have become so separated from it that they have lost the knowledge and skills necessary to receive it. As a way to reintegrate this knowledge, reduce the stigma surrounding death and support grief, I offer various group and community activities in person as well as online.

Corporate Talks and Workshops

I love working with organisations that want to enable a better understanding of death, dying and grief as a way to improve the quality of life of their employees and clients. I have provided these services in the UK and internationally for the health, educational, business and volunteer sectors amongst others.


Celebration of Life and Gratitude Ceremonies

These types of ceremonies are performed with the purpose of expressing gratitude and honouring your life or the life of the person(s) you love. They can be done before or after death and normally facilitate feelings of love, gratitude, peace and closure. These rituals are highly personalised and their planning and execution are based on what is or was most meaningful to the person and their loved ones.

Get in Touch

If you are interested in my services or have any questions, do not hesitate to contact me. 

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Veronica, Boston

"When I had the fortune to meet her and start therapy, I felt determined to face myself [...] Mariana has been my teacher, my guide, my companion [...] the changes that I have felt in my thoughts have made me a calmer and lighter person"
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